Why join us?  It's all about dollars and cents.


We don't employ professional sales people or a recruiting staff... as a result we can pay you what you deserve.

  • Our consultants always earn 70% of our bill rate.
  • Our consultants can earn up to 9% of services revenue for identifying and introducing us to opportunities.
  • Our consultants can earn up to 5% of individual revenue for any consultant they introduce.

Need other reasons?

  • There's no 'non-compete' clause in our contracts -- they simply don't work and most of the time, they're unenforceable.
  • You retain your independent status with us; you're in control of your rate, your expenses, and your time.
  • You get to work with a 'backstop'.  You've always got somebody to lean on, bounce ideas off, or rely on when you need it.
  • We operate under open book management.  You will always know your bill rate and you will be part of the negotiations for any proposal you're submitted on.